Jonathan Kemp -

'Entrepreneur of the year 2011'

British Dyslexia Association


SmartWisdom is an advanced knowledge management technique which will give you an immediate competitive advantage in your  work or your studies.

SmartWisdom will help you to get the edge in conversations, meetings, seminars and lectures.

  • Improve your comprehension by an average of 20%
  • Achieve ‘real time’ and ‘simultaneous’ listening, analysis, recording and questioning
  • Reduce the amount you need to record in notes by up to 50% without loss of detail, allowing greater eye contact
  • Give greater insight in your meeting contributions
  • Reduce post meeting write up times by up to 75% and produce better results.

For dyslexics, SmartWisdom offers the opportunity not only to improve your performance, but to outperform non-dyslexics by increasing average comprehension 23% above that which can be achieved by non-dyslexics.

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