For directors, managers and other executives

  • Identify an average of 10% extra value added ideas when doing any form of planning
  • Improve your comprehension in demanding meetings and presentations by an average of 19%
  • Spot links and connections which add value
  • Gain an immediate competitive edge over your peers
  • Reduce risk in your business (Conduct, Financial, Operational, Reputational…)

For people in sales and customer relations roles

  • Differentiate yourself from competitors within 10 minutes of meeting a new client
  • Achieve deeper questioning, making it easier to draw out the real issues
  • Spot opportunities and risks not seen by anyone else
  • Give stronger commercial insight to new and existing clients
  • Provide greater eye contact, by reducing note-taking by up to 50% without loss of detail

For people studying

  • Achieve real time and simultaneous listening, analysis, recording and questioning
  • Reduce write up times post-lecture by up to 75%, yet produce better results

For people with dyslexia

  • Outperform people without dyslexia, raising your average comprehension 23% higher than that achieved by non-dyslexics using conventional note-taking techniques


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