Free SmartWisdom® Course


Every year we run a number of free SmartWisdom® courses (value £14,800) for up to 12 people, to enable new clients experience the power of SmartWisdom.  This course gives experienced professionals an immediate competitive edge over their peers and competitors.

The SmartWisdom course includes:

1) SmartWisdom advanced business note-taking
2) SmartWisdom advanced business planning and idea generation
3) Follow on support sessions, emails and webinars


To be eligible for consideration you need to be:

1.    Chief Executive, head of Department or Learning and development
2.    New to SmartWisdom
3.    Making your first contact with SmartWisdom through our website
4.    Working with an organisation of more than 200 people
5.    Genuinely interested and committed to giving your staff competitive edge.

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