Two research studies have been conducted on SmartWisdom® by cognitive neuroscientist Dr Itiel Dror of Cognitive Consultants International.

Both studies have now been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.


Study One:  SmartWisdom® gives experienced professionals a competitive edge.

A group of 26 experienced professionals mainly working for financial institutions and professional service firms in the City of London took part.  The empirical evidence shows that when SmartWisdom is used for information-gathering in demanding meetings and presentations …

Dramatic improvements:

  • 13% within two weeks of learning SmartWisdom…
  • 19% for more experienced SmartWisdom users…

..above that which can be  achieved by experienced professionals using traditional note-taking techniques (writing in sentences and bullet points).

Published: ‘British Journal of Educational Technology’, July 2009 (volume 40, number 4)
Title: ‘Are non-linear note-takers better than linear note-takers’.
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Study Two: SmartWisdom® enables people with dyslexia to outperform those without the condition.

The performance of a group of experienced professionals with dyslexia who were also expert SmartWisdom users was tested in two information gathering situations similar to demanding meetings and presentations.  The empirical evidence on understanding and information retention amongst people with dyslexia using SmartWisdom showed …

Dramatic improvements:

  • a 23% greater comprehension rate of new information above that achieved by people without dyslexia…
  • a 24% greater recall of new information from an individual lecture…

…above that which can be achieved by experienced professionals without dyslexia using traditional note-taking techniques (writing in sentences and bullet points).

Published: ‘Dyslexia’, February 2011 (volume 17, number 1)
Title: ‘Overcoming learning barriers through knowledge management’.
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