Real Human Intelligence in information intensive situations

SmartWisdom is an advanced note-taking technique which is scientifically proven to help individuals capture, organise and analyse information 12% better than using traditional note-taking techniques. Improve listening, questioning and comprehension in information intensive situations; meetings, presentations and study.

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Jonathan Kemp

A rich and varied career

Jonathan has enjoyed a variety of challenging roles, ranging from working as a cattle rancher in the Australian outback to stockbroker in the City of London. While serving as an officer in the Metropolitan Police he won commendations for both investigative ability and bravery.

Passionate about managing information

He realised early on the huge potential of intelligent information management for improving both professional and personal performance.

He used his developing skills to gain a Masters degree in Finance, International Trade and Shipping from City University in London.

Creator of SmartWisdom®

Over the last 17 years, Jonathan has developed this innovative, effective note-taking and planning technique which allows advanced information management, recall and analysis. It has helped clients in the world of business and education to be significantly more effective in their meetings, training or studies and to be more organised in their thinking.


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