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About SmartWisdom

SmartWisdom is a next-generation note-taking technique designed to enable people to achieve their true potential in information-intensive situations; business meetings, presentations, lectures and many other situations.

Developed over the last 20 years, SmartWisdom is scientifically proven to enhance your ability to listen, concentrate & comprehend in real-time compared to previous generation note-taking whether with pen and paper or on a laptop in information-intensive situations.

SmartWisom increases understanding of new information by 12% within two weeks, compared to previous generation note-taking techniques. This increases up to an average of 20% after a year.

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About Information Athletes

Information Athletes are those how have trained in the art and science of SmartWisdom and have made the commitment to make SmartWisdom a part of the day-to-day life; whether that is in a business context, as part of their student life or as a tool for overcoming the daily challenges one faces when living with Dyslexia. Information Athletes are not simply users of SmartWisdom, but they are the elite of the elite when it comes to note-taking; capturing, organising and analysing information in real-time.


About the SmartWisdom Creator

Jonathan Kemp, Human Intelligence Entrepreneur, is an authority in managing knowledge and the creator of SmartWisdom.

In the early 1990s, Jonathan left the Metropolitan Police, where he had received two commendations, one for investigative ability, to commencement study towards a Master of Science degree in International Shipping, Trade and Finance.

As a mature student with a less than exemplary academic track record, and as an undiagnosed dyslexic, Jonathan found studying for his MSc very challenging; he struggled to achieve the levels of performance required and was at risk of failing until he switched his focus from learning new knowledge to learning how to learn.

This lead him to develop a range of strategies and techniques to initial cope, and excel in his studies; and which ultimately lead to the development of SmartWisom, a next-generation note-taking technique, which is scientifically proven to increase understanding of new information by 12% within two weeks, compared to previous generation note-taking techniques, increasing to an average of 20% after a year. It also enabled him to earn a distinction for his studies and finish in the top 10% of students in his year.

 SmartWisdom development timeline

  • 1995 – Created: during two postgraduate courses

  • 1998 – Information athletes: concept created, and first athlete trained

  • 1999 – First corporate training: Investment bank becomes the first corporate client

  • 2000 – Unique template: first developed to enable real time recording and reading of information

  • 2003 – Information colour coding: simplified system developed for business to reduce cognitive load

  • 2004 – Thinking technique developed: to make planning and idea generation faster, more efficient

  • 2004 – First knowledge books: first SmartWisdom notebooks created

  • 2006 – SmartWisdom name: finally, a name which fits the power of the techniques created

  • 2007 – Codes: developed to capture questions, ideas, actions etc.

  • 2007 – Language optimisation: developed technique to optimise the structuring of language

  • 2008 – Questioning technique: developed to improve thinking and questioning of others

  • 2009 - Scientific study: undertaken and paper published showing 19% performance improvement

  • 2011 – Scientific study: examining the benefits for dyslexics, showing 23% performance improvement

  • 2012 – SmartWisdom training: simplified to increase speed of learning and skill development

  • 2013 – SmartWisdom experience: the start of 60 video interviews to capture users’ experience

  • 2014 – New terminology: to describe the act of notetaking, planning, notes, notebooks…

  • 2018 – Online learning: Filming of first SmartWisdom course for online learning

  • 2018 – SW template – updated to optimise the ability to read information in real-time

  • 2019 – New testing – For two months by creator – is SmartWisdom really is the best? No comparison

  • 2019 – New explanation – Three months developing visual explanation of the power of SmartWisdom

  • 2019 – Online launch – Launch of first online course