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As a dyslexic myself, I know that listening, concentration and comprehension abilities can be a real challenge for anyone with this condition, whether listening or reading. Our challenge starts at school and follows through to university (if that is an option) and the workplace. The impact on our confidence, self-belief and performance when we struggle with linear notetaking, for many of us, is substantial and negative. SmartWisdom is transformational for those of us with neurodiversity challenges, or for those of us with dyslexia. SmartWisdom enables us to transform our potential by increasing our abilities to listen, concentrate and understand new information. The most life-changing aspect is that SmartWisdom increases our comprehension abilities by an average of 23% above that which can be achieved by non-dyslexics using traditional notetaking. It transforms our self-belief to the point where we have the same confidence in our abilities to manage information compared with non-dyslexics.

Jonathan Kemp

Inventor of SmartWisdom & Human Intelligence Entrepreneur