The decision to use a particular technique is a strategic and important one. Once you’ve made it, you commit yourself to the consequences which, to a varying degree, may include any of the following:

Consequences of listening

  • You may not prepare properly: you cannot do this by just thinking

  • You may only remember a small amount of information at any given time

  • You may forget some of the questions and ideas you had if you do not use them straightaway

  • You may forget much of what has been said over the next few days/weeks

  • You may cause others to question whether you are taking the meeting or presentation seriously enough.

Consequences of linear notetaking

  • You may find it difficult to understand information if the speaker is fast, the information is unstructured or there is information overload

  • You may not always be able to read your notes in real–time, or when you are writing

  • There may be occasions where you feel on the back foot, stressed, or not in an equal relationship

  • You may find when you read your notes later, some are illegible or incomplete. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets

The consequences of using a laptop

  • Immediately create a barrier between yourself and others

  • Use linear notetaking when typing (or writing with a digital pen) and suffer all the limitations above

  • You may have limited visual sight of the information you have captured: a screen is, in effect, about half to three quarters the size of an A4 pad. A long meeting or presentation can require at least two A4 pages

  • You may reduce your comprehension if you are poor or slow at typing

  • You may find that all these limitations are exacerbated if you decide to use a tablet without a separate keyboard

  • You may create a question in the mind of others about what exactly you are doing

The consequences of SmartWisdom

  • You should be better prepared for meetings and interviews

  • You can immediately listen and concentrate at a high level and be able to sustain it for an hour or more

  • You will immediately have a high level of comprehension (20-23% greater than others)

  • You will create a detailed, holistic overview of all we have captured, which we can access and use in real-time

  • You will increase your ability to make patterns and links; to question and generate ideas and insights

  • You should find it much easier to recall detailed information, and to make both verbal and written summaries

  • You should create a very positive impression in other people’s minds from the outset, which you can maintain