Better COMPREHENSION in Information Intensive Situations

SmartWisdom for Business

Working with others is a key part of day-to-day business life, much of which takes place in a group or one to one meetings. It is, therefore, crucial to be able to engage in and develop relationships at the same time as managing the information that is being shared, either by trying to remember it or write it down. This needs to be done simultaneously, and we should be able to take information overload in our stride. The problem is, we have not been given the tools to do this. If we just listen, we are greatly restricted by our memory of not only the facts but also any questions or ideas we might have: these are difficult to recall, even after just a few minutes. If we take notes it is easy to get to a point where we feel like we are playing catch up. We’re on the back foot or realise we are not sure what has been said or not said. Using a laptop is no different from traditional note-taking, except that we are using a keyboard. We also create a barrier between ourselves and others the second we open our laptop.

SmartWisdom enables us to manage knowledge and relationships simultaneously. It is easy to capture our questions and ideas, and we create a holistic overview automatically. We are able to record and listen simultaneously, and it should be easy to manage information overload and walk out of most meetings or presentations with a very high level of understanding (average 19% above non SmartWisdom users). In short SmartWisdom gives us a competitive edge.

SmartWisdom for Study

Study is all about comprehending and retaining new knowledge. These two skills are crucial. They alone can determine our future: what and where we study next, our careers, where we live, who we meet and our lifestyles.

The first key to optimise this process, whether we are studying in a lecture, online or through reading, is an ability to listen and concentrate, when we need to and for as long as we want. These two skills are the foundation for effectively absorbing and learning new knowledge.

They are not easy to activate and sustain at the best of times and, in our 21st-century world, endless distractions have only made the challenge greater.

The great news is that there is now a technique which will help you to activate and achieve a very high level both of concentration and listening at a moment’s notice, for as long as you want to sustain it.

The second key to this process is comprehension: the ability to understand new information.

Previous generation notetaking – where the primary focus is to record - was something we learnt at school over a period of 10 years or more. We were trained to record as much relevant information as we could (much of it which we may not have understood at the time) with the aim of taking these notes away, to review, comprehend and learn, for an assessment at a later point in time.

Next-generation notetaking, where the primary purpose is to comprehend, combines the ability to listen and concentrate at a moment’s notice, for as long as we want, while capturing and increasing our comprehension of new knowledge, in real-time, at a deep level.

Immediately this makes the experience of attending our lecture or reading our book much more interesting and enjoyable. We can see the new knowledge quite literally building before our eyes. The more we understand, the more we can ask relevant questions to clarify immediately, and therefore increase our understanding even further.

Just as importantly, this greater real-time comprehension makes the next step of our learning process - what we do after our lecture or reading - that much easier and faster. Our notes, the new knowledge, will be easier to revisit, review, comprehend, learn and recall when assessed.

SmartWisdom has been scientifically proven to increase our real-time comprehension, the depth of our understanding of new information, by 12% within two weeks, above that achieved by last generation notetaking. This increases up to an average of 20% after a year. Next-generation notetaking is revolutionary and transformational.

SmartWisdom for Dyslexia

Concentration, comprehension and listening abilities can be a real struggle for people with dyslexia, whether paying attention to a teacher or client or reading a book or a document. The challenge starts at school and follows through to university (if that’s an option) and the workplace. The impact of this struggle on a person’s confidence, self-belief and performance are, for many, substantial and negative.

SmartWisdom is transformational for people with neurodiversity challenges, in particular for those with dyslexia. Put simply, SmartWisdom enables people with dyslexia to transform their potential, increasing their abilities to listen, concentrate and understand new information. The most revolutionary aspect of SmartWisdom is that it increases the comprehension abilities of people with dyslexia by an average of 23% above that which can be achieved by non-dyslexics using traditional note-taking. It transforms self-belief to the point where people with dyslexia have higher confidence in their abilities to manage information than non-dyslexics. For someone with dyslexia this can be life-changing.