Increase our comprehension abilities by 12% within two weeks

SmartWisdom is a scientifically proven technique developed to enhance your ability to listen, concentrate & comprehend in real-time; in meetings, presentations, lectures, and other information intensive situations. It increases understanding of new information by 12% within two weeks, compared to previous generation note-taking techniques. This increases up to an average of 20% after a year.


Traditional Note Taking is 2000 years old, and not fit for our real-time world

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Two thousand years ago, children were taught to write on wax tablets at school; passively recording information as they heard it; writing left to right, top to bottom. When a teacher said something important, they wrote notes to be reviewed and learnt later.

A key feature of this antique note-taking technique is that it is passive; requiring a minimum level of cognitive engagement, designed to be reviewed and used later.

Over the past 2,000 years, there have been many developments in the field of managing day-to-day information; improvements in writing instruments, inks, paper, notepads, use of electronic devices and software.

The notable exception is our continued use of passive note-taking to capture information verbatim, for use later as it was done 2,000 years ago.

traditional note taking leads to poor performance & missed opportunities

We live in an age of information overload and time scarcity. When in meetings, presentations, lectures and other information-intensive situations, passively recording information for later review no longer works.

Passively note-taking, using previous generation techniques and tools results in the focus been on accurately recording the information as presented. It results in poor engagement with the information presented, poor questioning and poor real-time analysis.

Ultimately, this results in poor performance and a failure to spot opportunities in business and study situations.

Today, when in meetings, presentations, lectures and other information-intensive, we need the techniques and tools to actively capture information as presented, critically analyse it and generate new insights in real-time. We also need to be able to capture information in a way that enables rapid and accurate recall of information and insights over time.

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SmartWisdom, a scientifically proven approach to active note taking

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SmartWisdom is a next generation, active note-taking technique which is designed to, and scientifically proven to, enhance your ability to listen, concentrate & comprehend in real-time; in meetings, presentations, lectures, and other information intensive situations.

SmartWisdom is designed to develop and enhance two core capabilities to use in information-intensive situations.

Firstly, it builds the capability to rapidly and flexibly capture and manage information provided by others as it is delivered.

Secondly, it develops the capability to manage our thinking in a structured way. It optimizes the thought process, maximizes the quality of new ideas and insights generated, and ensures information is readily accessible and usable in real-time.

In an age of information overload and time scarcity, SmartWisdom is a next-generation note-taking technique which is scientifically proven to increase understanding of new information by 12% within two weeks, increasing to an average of 20% within a year.

Smartwisdom benefits

SmartWisdom provides the tools for me to more effectively analyse what is being said, as it is being said, which allows me to understand any topic, in detail, in real-time.
— Andrew Smart, SmartWisdom user since 2006

Using a simplified writing and note-taking process, SmartWisdom helps us to listen, filter and capture information and then, organise it into hierarchies, to improve our understanding, analysis and recall.

Leveraging a unique note-taking template, SmartWisdom optimises the cognitive capabilities of the human brain to give real-time access to up to two hour's worth of information on a single sheet of paper or screen.

SmartWisdom's unique coding system was designed to help capture our thinking and information quickly, such as questions, ideas and actions, to reduce our cognitive load so that we can perform better and to increase our accessibility of this information real-time.


What the science says

Between 2007 and 2011 SmartWisdom was tested twice by a team of independent Cognitive Neuroscientists headed by Dr Itiel Dror of Cognitive Consultant International who specialises in applying scientific knowledge and methodology to real world applications. By measuring and assessing human performance and ability, designing scientific experiments, data collection and analysis, to properly study, understand and evaluate performance in the workplace.

Their main findings show that SmartWisdom note takers are significantly better in their knowledge-management performance than traditional note-takers – those using sentences, part sentences or other methods such as mind mapping and concept mapping.

Specifically, these studies show an increased understanding of new information by 12% within two weeks, increasing to an average of 20% within a year.


What Information Athletes say

I would recommend SmartWisdom to absolutely anybody who is client facing, whether its direct client facing in meetings or whether its phone meetings, it just allows you to cut through to the message very quickly and it allows you to engage the client and build a rapport and a relationship.

I’m also studying psychology at the moment as a degree and I find it very useful for tutorials and also to transfer notes from my textbooks into being able to summarise things from my essays and tutor mark assessments.

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